kbéngvarhekbéngnA chip of anything.vTo chip off.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Yó bulungen du, kembéng utì bè yem kmasing kudà, ne ma bè layal hyongi, ne ke wen kem dumu yem alì gel metlasik kógów le mò hebuk le bè tum klo, ne henmuen sok nbuten mtung klohen talak tniba.Her medicine for (weeding) is to chip off a tiny bit of the horse's hoof, get a swallow's feather and something of other fast moving things for them to rub on her weeding knife and on her wrist when she begins to push the weeding knife into the field.-en-, se-.It is believed that this ritual will speed up the weeding of the field.synbang 1bébék 1cfkanga 1

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