awik1nA way of getting back, recovering, withdrawing, amending.vTo recover, withdraw or take back what had been given; to reconsider, change a decision inspite of previous refusal.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey kekbéu du yehenu, okóm yó mawik nawahu kem ngau.I really rejected my spouse, but my children are what changed my mind.n-.Yem lieg mimet blay yê do bud nawiken lanu là mayad du.The bead necklace my mother gave (sold) to me she took back because I didn't pay for it.s-.cfbawik 12vTo atone for, make amends for something done or said that one has thought twice about and wants to undo.Awiken yem deng nmoen.He is making amends for that which he did.Sok wen alì lenbutem là gbekem hmifót du, okóm tek olo awik nawahem.If you are really angry about something and can't forgive it, but you just make amends for it (for the sake of peace).

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