iba1nAnother name given; nickname.It is a custom to give another name to a member of the family whose name happens to be the same as one who becomes a family member by marriage. To mention the old name among the relatives is an offense, a taboo. Thus, the father and the mother have to be addressed with whatever name is given to that family member if he/she happens to be the eldest child.vTo rename or nickname someone.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.2vTo blunder; not to follow what one is taught or told to do.Tey iba tau ni, dókem motok ogum deng mom molò modung.This person really blunders; you send him to pick greens and instead he goes to a wake.synasén 1bakà 1bisung 1book 2kyangén 1sekban 1fromkban

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