utunvarmutun1nDisgrace, public shame, brought on by something that one did.Mkê bolo lem sewelen bè gunun wen, yó se utunen béléu yó.He dirtied (had diarrhea) in his pants in public; that's his disgrace (because of his action) to me.Utun gunu mdà lem gulom.It's a disgrace to stand among the ants (one way of saying how stupid you are).vTo experience misfortune (the result of speaking or acting disrespectfully to older people, relatives, in-laws).g-, h-, k-, m-.Yó udél yem tuha ebè yem tau là madat du, monen, "Holi mutun béléu he."What the older one said to that person who didn't act respectfully to him was, "May you really experience misfortune (because of your action) to me."Misfortune includes such things as sickness, an accident, even aberrant behavior such as stealing, murder, stabbing someone.syngfà 1sekban 1kbancfmetfu 1tfu2advUnlikely.Utun gunu htóbóng bè tau butô.It's unlikely to get help from a blind person.

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