blayvTo give something to someone else; to sell, trade.Ne htólóng le se gunu le ma mò blay le bè tau.And they set apart that which they will give to other, he-, ke-, -m-.Ke wen tau alì bitil halay, yó buten lanen alì bemlay, efet laen dù tagak béléen.If someone is very hungry for rice, it's because he gave so much away he didn't have any left.m-.Tau mlay du kóm filak blihem nesem yó?Who gave you the money to buy your clothes?-n-."E Wè, benlayem ou sen," mon Hnu."Oh Friend, give me some now," Turtle 1eted 1ogu 11ufuk 1unduk 1cfahay 1basa 1lasam 1twon 1

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