ilef*varmilef1nThe disappearance of something, as the setting of the sun; evaporation, dehydration.vTo disappear, vanish into the darkness, as with the moon and sun; to evaporate, dehydrate.g-, h-.Na ye hilef yem él.Let the water disappear (vanish from the area).k-.Hangat ye kilef él.Wait for the evaporating of the water.m-.Deng milef él.The water already disappeared.n-, s-.Deng silef kdaw.The day/sun has vanished (set).One way of fishing is by diverting the flow of the water in the river. They pile rocks and leaves in between the rocks to divert the water flow until a certain portion of the river is dry which makes it easy to catch all fish in that dehydrated area.synlana 1leneb 1sdef 12adjFull to the brim, as container.Muléki he sok deng silef nbóem.You only go home when your basket is full to the brim.3nA design in a basket.

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