knalamfromnalam1vTo spoil, as a child; to form a, he-.Béem heknalam du matù tuha.Don't let him form the habit of challenging the old (parents).ke-, -n-.2adjExpert, skilled, habitually doing.Yó kem tau mogot kul ni kem kudà sensékét le ni, hlò kem tau deng kemnalam mogot kudà.Those holding the horses fighting each other are all those who are skilled at holding horses.-em-.Là bud tolok kul ne kul yó kem deng kemnalam mò nes.They don't teach them anymore those who are already expert in making cloth.3adjKnown to or familiar with each other,óm ke deng le hunù setngón ne ke deng le seknalam là sideken ke gekteng le yem tmuha senta le.But if they already all know each other and if they are already well acquainted with each other, it's not bad if they pull the one older than they (a ritual that takes place at a Tboli wedding).

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