tlak1vTo aim for, strike at a certain point.Tlak ye gunun nelem ke mbot ye dulé.Aim for the deep place when you cast your fishhook.Olom mungol ugemen sdô na le e tlak but klinguhen sbat.You only heard the grunt of the pig when their arrow struck the base of his, he-, ke-, -em-, se-.2advMore than enough; extreme punishment.he-, hem-, hen-.Olò hentlak ye dé yem kukù lemufet yóó.You at least punish well that thieving cat.Botong metlak mógów mneged.She had more than enough of going uphill.kehe-, me-.Botong metlak mken.She's had more than enough to eat.cfdlà* 1takas 1tlasan 1

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