wadag1vTo add more to, thus making the burden greater.Géhél blay ye kimu yó wadag bnulóy tau.Hurry and give that item away; it adds more to people being frustrated.Là móyóe hemsù ngà libun lem gónóu wadag gotu niwol le béléu.I don't want to take care of girls in my house; it further adds to all they desire from me.Là bemlihe dê nes wadag gotu fen nówóng le.I don't buy lots of clothes; it adds more to all they take away from me (by my siblings, children or friends).advMoreover, furthermore, in addition to.Wadag dê dumu, là gsenged le du yem kóm.Furthermore many others (are good), but they can't measure up to you.2adjMany, comprising a great number.Wadag le mógów.Many of them are going.geh-, h-, keh-.syn1gengón 1gulà 1cfgenged 1kdê 1

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