hyos1vTo tense the body against pain or cold; to huddle up, shrink back from feeling insecure, inferior, hesitant, unsure, uneasy or untrusting.Hyos nawaw hdadu du yem klembew mà dì, udì lówóhen.I shrink back from plowing with uncle's carabao; its body is small.ge-, he-.Là kóen hyu ke nui lem blóng tau ke són moem hefyos.It isn't good if you are in the midst of people if you always shrink back.2adjDispleasing, unsatisfactory; (of a person's body shape) big at the top and very small hips.Tau bong lemsek kgal udì, tey hyos mton du.A big person wearing a small shirt, it's very displeasing to see (too small).synóngó 1cfsudut 2fromudut

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