kihuvargkihu1proWhatever; whichever; any will do; it doesn't matter.Ke là holen wen tau htiba le, ne ke hlò kun dumu yem fun tniba, lelen laen hol halayen, yó olo nmoen, snóbów abu duhen basuk, dobung duhen ke kihu klasi ken.If they have many people help clear the field, and if they are all relatives, and if he doesn't have much rice, what the owner does is make a soup of taro leaves or squash, bamboo shoots or whatever kind of food.2varskihuvTo show favoritism, partiality; to treat unfavorably.Mlò gel kihu le kem ngà hikit yó kem tau gnan ekni.The people in earlier times usually treated orphans unfavorably.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Okóm sok deng legen, baling knihu le uu.But over time, they become unfavorable to you (no longer giving proper portions especially of food, and become cruel).synkdol 1adjUnequal (of size, amount); unfair (of treatment).s-.

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