suknBolo, generic; weapon.Dê se kul suk sfatay kem Tboli lumun sudeng.Tboli have many bolos for fighting like the kris (dagger).cfbadung 1bangkung 1snubeng sfu 1tabas 1tefek 1

Kinds of knives
badung bolo used for clearing a field
bangkung bolo used around the house
duluk man's small pointed knife
kbahù man's short all purpose knife
snubeng sfu lady's small knife
suk bong lady's large knife
suk hulék folding knife, jackknife
suk lafì jackknife
sudeng dagger
suk udì woman's small knife
tefek short work bolo
tók fancy bolo used for bartering

Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements

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