tnôvarmetnô1vTo place, put, hit or strike something with force.Tnóem ta ofi yem nalun.Place on the fire that wrapped food.Nen e tnô ta Bong Busaw kfilan tódô tólóng klasà hahahen.When he struck Big Spirit with the fancy bolo, his thighs were just lying in different, he-, ke-, -em-.2varhetnônPresence; quiet, stillness (physically and mentally).vTo be around for the time being; to be settled; to stay in one place; to be around home; to be, he-, ke-.Ten-gwaem ketnóu bud kógówem edini.You estimate my being around for your next coming here.-em-, -en-.adjAround, mógów edini he sok metnô.Come again when he is around.synenek 1tinof 1

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