hlimafromlimavarhnima1nRequest.Wen hlimahu kóm.I have a request for you.vTo request.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Hnimahu uu lieg.I request (order) a necklace from you.se-.A polite way to ask for something that you know will take a long time to get.syntgut 1cfhekleyek 1kleyekhetgut 1tguttinok 12vTo act up and delay one's work, as a child.adjDemanding of attention.Tey gel henduù le yem ngà hlima.They always appease the child who demands attention.Olò nifit ye dé yem ngà alì móyô hlima yóó.Just spank that child who wants attention there.cfhluu 1htiba 1htindù 1humbat 1olun 1

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