mungvargmunghmungRoot refsegmung 1fromgmungvTo go along with, accompany; to heed, consider, as a request or counsel.Ke là dengen bong yem ngà libun, gel mung du tuhahen.If the girl isn't big yet, her parents accompany her.Là hyuhen ke wen ngà mung, kô gsalà le bulung halay.It's not good if a child goes along, they might accidentally make a mistake (with) the rice medicine.Nmungem yem dou kóyô béléem.Consider (that which) I desire of you.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Yem soging huluhu, deng nmungen yem tehe oluhu du.The banana (shoot) I planted heeded my former injunction to it.syngbót 1bótmung bè lelidiomSaid of someone who goes along with the current.mung bè lenosidiomGoes along with the wind. (A description of a person who is easily influenced, one who does not have a good sense of discernment as to what is right or wrong.)

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