tonokcfkfung 1nEarth, ground, soil; land as distinguished from sea or sky.Gel le mógów ebè tonok tendo hnénég le yem blotik abay se bè yó gunu le temngón du ke angat kmulón dun mnóng kdaw.They always go (down from the house) to the ground to look at the stars because that is how they know if it will rain or be a sunny day.vTo walk, hike; to be dirty from the soil.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tódô me tmonok ebè fedyan.We just walked to the market.Tódô tnonok me lemwót bè Kmotu.We walked (all the way) from Kmotu.-n-.Tey tnonok tihu.My feet are dirty.cfkfung 1using 1

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