tawanvardes tawanvTo be caught in a snare; to be affected by a supernatural force, either adversely or favorably; to affect (someone) adversely by a supernatural force.Yó gel atul yó kem tau fun halay ma le litok takul mò hulut le yó kem sit bokong bè halay anì wen tawan bélê le.The plan of the owners of the rice is to get the sticky tree sap for catching the maya birds in the rice field so that some of them are affected (are caught).Béi mlan te kwangen, déke tawani.Don't walk behind his back, (in all probability) you might be affected adversely by the supernatural force (he is using).Tey tmawan yem yê, wen lamaten.Mother really supernaturally affects others adversely; she has (on her) a strong supernatural force.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Ke deng tahà sentahen, mon le deng tmawan lenos.When (the rice is) already taller than that, they say it's already affected (swayed) by the wind.-n-, s-.Sickness can only be cured when he who caused it removes it.; All traditional medicine depends upon a supernatural force to make it effective. Since medicine is used in every area of daily life, Tboli are always alert to the fact that another person may be using some type of traditional medicine. Care needs to be taken so that an individual does not intercept any supernatural force from that medicine. To do so is to become sick. When medicine is used in fishing and the results are good, the expression is tawan huket 'the net was affected favorably'.synbkó 1cfbahung 1

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