ukagvarmukag1nThe cracks in the ground near the surface because the sweet potato underneath is so big.Nokolem yó dé ukag ubi seblà gunum mdà.Dig in that ground crack of sweet potato there where you are standing.syngtô 1ulét 1ukag lem bakidiom(Lit. cracked open) (Of mouth) that doesn't stop talking, scolding, crying and being noisy continuously.Mom mukag lem baken alì mkik ngà nii.This child does not stop crying.2adjMealy, fine-grained and flaky, as cooked cassava, taro, sweet potato.m-.Okóm bud wen snéen yem bud suféng le bè yem klifaken bè yem deng kokol le du anì yó, hol tahu mukag là mobolen, ne malù wen kiketen, ne anì malù wen kmihen snéen.But some (of the taro) they also hang up by its stalk after they have dug it out so that it will really be fine-grained and not watery and be somewhat sticky and so that it will be somewhat sweet also.antobol 2

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