dangawvarsdangaw1nA handspan, (i.e., the space from the end of the thumb to the end of the middle finger when extended, about 8 or 9 in.).Wen lomi tók benlihu fat dangaw ktahaen.I bought a new fancy bolo that is four handspans long.Appendix 16-01 Measuring devicesvTo measure by handspan.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.Ne wen ulewen, wen sudeng lumaken ne lemieg kmagi na sdangaw baken.And he has a headscarf, there's a dagger in its scabbard and he's wearing a necklace with a gold piece a handspan long.2nThe ritual of divination by handspan.Yem dangaw gunu me gel temngón du yem buten yem des.It is by the handspan ritual that we know the source of a sickness.A procedure followed to find out future events by measuring up and down one's arm in such a manner that if it comes out short then it won't come to pass but if it comes out long, it will. They also do it reversely (as in a cross-examination) to really be sure.vTo divine by handspan.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Yem libun kmuleng blututen, ke alì legen kkulengen yem ngà, sal gel dnangaw le anì tngón le yem gunun là géhél sut, abay se gel hetegut wen nóyóen bè kem tuhahen.When a woman is in labor, if the child causes labor pains for a very long time (without being born), they always divine by handspan to find out why he isn't arriving quickly, because there may be some (possession) the child wants from his parents (before he will be born).It's not only things that the unborn child is seeking, but it may be that his father or mother have cursed him. If so, an item will be touched to the lips of the person who cursed as a sign of repentance and the item will belong to the child.; Men and women alike are able to divine by handspan. Some are known to be more effective than others, becoming well-known for this skill. The hands are stretched out to full length and placed palms together so that all the fingertips are equal. The diviner then blows on the thumbs, giving an injunction, saying, "Come out long, Dangaw, if this child is sick because of supernatural power (being used by someone outside the family)." Then the right hand is used to go up the left arm, handspan by handspan, until the armpit is reached. Then the hand is stretched toward the mouth, the thumb is blown on, and the process is reversed, going handspan by handspan down the arm. If the fingers of both hands come out exactly even when the palms are placed together again, then they know the sickness was NOT caused by a supernatural power. But if the right hand comes out longer than the left, a supernatural power is the cause of the sickness. The process will be repeated, this time naming a certain individual who may be responsible. If it is learned that he is NOT responsible, the process will be repeated again, naming another individual. This will go on until they have determined who is the cause of the sickness. This method of divination can be used for many problems other than sickness.cfhkowing 1kowingungkul 1

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