kfung1nDust.vTo shake off the dust.Bê ye kenfung kut edini nes sidek boo yó.Don't shake dust on us here with that smelly cloth.ge-, he-, ke, -em-, -en-.Tey kenfung yem gónó hemyón basù.The place to put the glass on is very dusty.se-.cftonok 1adjTo be dusty, full of dust.-em-.Tey kemfung yem lan etmool.All the way downstream the road was very dusty.cftonok 1using 12adjGone instantly; done all at once.Deng tódô sulék mekfung yem tey ken nmou, bà mon tey kbitil le.All that food I cooked was gone all at once, because they were so hungry.me-.Sulék mekfung tniba mà dì na me e sedà elemen.Uncle's rice field was finished all at once when we stood together (working in unity) in it.syndeng 1gotu 2imot 1sulék 3fromulék

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