tóbóngvarhtóbóngstóbóngvTo help someone, to assist; to contribute.Bê ye hetnga gel lemangat wen kem tau gotu le tóbóng.Don't be suddenly screaming; people will all (come running) to help.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Lemwót yó kem tau tmóbóng tmiba gotu néhék le kem suk le.The people who are to help make the field all sharpen their bolos.-n-.Timbow deng bangen htiba yem tau, gotu nbalen yó kem dumun logi nen tulón kul yem kehtibahen anì tnóbóng le.When it's time for a man to clear a field, he tells all of his men friends of his clearing a field so that they'll help.s-.Ke deng, tódô le bud gel stóbóng.When it's finished, they'll usually help each other again.cfamut 1tóbóng kebelidiomTo answer for someone else, as when two people are fighting and someone from the outside joins in, that person is said to be 'smokey help'. Also speaks of a sudden outburst or the arrival of alarmed people in order to find out what is going on, but not necessarily to help. (When a crow sees a fire or the smoke of a burning field, he always goes to see even though it is not his field).

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