tatakTagalog1varhtatakRoot refkatakfromataknImprintation; dent, mark, engraving.Béem nwa yem wen tataken deng wen funen.Don't get the one with the mark, it belongs to someone else.vTo imprint, mark.cfatak 12vTo eat something raw that is usually cooked.Tnatak le yem ken matak blay le kul.They ate raw the food they gave them.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Knatakem yem ken là tógóhen (ubi, kul basag ne kul lefò).You eat it raw, food which isn't cooked (but usually is) (sweet potato, the inside part of the bahi or coconut palm).s-, sem-, sen-.varkatak3v(For spirits) to eat a living person.synsék 4

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