tagakvargtagakstagakvTo leave something behind, to be left behind.Són usoken dù tagak.Only the small broken pieces are left remaining.Hyu ke wen se nwit le bè ngà le tagak bè gunù.It's good if there's some they can bring to their children left behind at the house.g-.Tódô gel gtagak ne tey gel gengón yem sol ehek efet lewu libun semsla du.She's just left behind and there are so many dibble-stick holes it takes two women to follow him filling the holes.Tnagak me yu ne.We're going to leave you now.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Nbut le muta, okóm tnagak le tum gunu le bemkes hmules.They begin to harvest, but they leave behind (until later) the area around where the rice medicine is tied.s-.synskogol 1kogol 2cfbayà 1hlunus 1lus 2tebel 1

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