ówóngvargówóng1varhówóngnBoat.Denge myón ówóng dou.As for me, I have ridden in a boat.cfkafal 1vTo ride in a boat.m-.Mówóng me te Sbù.We rode in a boat on Lake Sebu.An airplane is often called ówóng móyóng, a boat that flies.2vTo carry something off; to take without permission, kidnap; to run off with another's spouse; to elope.Mlò ówóngen ngom kdumun tau ni.This person is fond of carrying off other people's belongings.g-.Yó angat gunum gówóng kdeng yó ngaem kéng tibó kilu uyóhen yó.To be involved in trouble that takes you to court; to be carried, swayed, swept or brought into trouble.You will be brought into trouble later on by that unruly child of yours.h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Root refhówóng 2fromówóng 1

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