bnesnThick grass, wild plants; an uncleared area.Bolos sotu kay utón mógów lem bnes.The civet is one kind of animal meat that lives in the grass.Yem tau gnan sal gel wen mu le du yó kem bnes mò bulung le.Our ancestors used wild plants for their medicine.

Wild things
ken lem bnes wild food
lem bnes in the wild (grass, forest, jungle, desert)
mógów lem bnes walking, living in the wild (animals, spirits/ghosts, rebels or bad elements)
onuk bnes wild fowl
ógóf lem bnes wild animals
sdô bnes wild pig

Appendix 17-02 GrassesvTo be overgrown (with grass, brush).-n-.Alì bennesen yem lan ebélê le kem tau ni?What made the path to these people here so overgrown?cfhulu 1kluon 1Tey bnes lan ebéléen tau ni.idiomThis person is deaf, is not understanding what is said. (Lit. the path to this person is very grassy.) It can also mean that this person has a bad character and no one goes to see him, therefore the path is grassy.

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