elem1vTo submerge in water; to soak, as clothes in water.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Nelemem kut bè él.Soak it in water for us.s-.synleneg 12nPenalty.vTo suspect and bring a charge against someone with the stipulation that he submits to submerging his hand in boiling water to prove his innocence.Gotu nólólen yem kimu elem le du.He distributed all the items they submerged him with.Ni kudà elemu kóm.I charge you with this horse (this horse is yours if you are innocent but I'm sure you are not).This practice is called kmolut libol. If the person is innocent of the charge his hand will not be burned, but if burned he will pay the price.; The items in effect said that he was guilty, but he was not so the items became their penalty.

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