lasà1nPiece laid out.Hilu lasà deng tnasà ye beng?How many pieces laid out have you flattened (for) walling?vTo lay out, as to place something down.g-.Là dengen glasà yem udél deng sana alì gel snabà ye.The advice is not even all laid out before you yet, already you have answered back.h-.Lemwót yó kem tau mulu nwa le yem kimu eles tgama le, ne hasà le ta yem bigu kay le ebélê le.The people that came to the wedding take the item they have prepared beforehand, and they lay (it) on top of the basket of food that has been served to them.k-.Efet ni sana klasaen bè yó.Until now it's still lying there.m-.Ke deng masà ne lób, ominen mket libuten ni logi, mò gunuhen temngón du ke kilón keheken.If the burned field is lying there (ready to be planted), then this man will perform the ritual for knowing if it's already the right time for him to plant.n-.(A polite way of indirectly asking who put the bolo there.)Tedu nasaen laan koyu ni du badungu?What is my bolo doing lying under this tree?synnal 12vTo sleep together, to die or lie together in the same place.s-.Tey sidek gfà. Tódô le slasà lem litô le.What a terrible disaster. They were both lying beside each other in their own blood.varmasà

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