sóbównBroth, soup made from meat.Ke mulék le, wen kimu nwit le, olohen yem libun fen mbô yem ken, ne fen nwit yem logi yem kimu, ne sléhen kobong sóbów.When they return home, they will have things to bring; only the woman will carry the food and the man will bring the things and carry a container of soup slung over his shoulder.cfsabi 1vTo make soup.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Ke là holen wen tau htiba le, ne ke hlò kun dumu yem fun tniba, lelen laen hol halayen, yó olo nmoen, snóbów abu duhen basuk, dobung ke kihu klasi ken.If there really aren't many people they have let help clear the field and if they are all the owner's relatives, and at the same time he doesn't have much rice, what he does is make a soup of taro leaves or squash, bamboo shoots or whatever kind of food.bong sóbówidiomExaggerated story.

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