blóng1nThe go-between in a transaction; the mediator, the third party in making a contract.vTo be a go-between.he-, ke-, -em-.Ne tólóng tau ne e bemlóng kul ne semtingkuk bukol le.And a different person will go between them and knock their knees together.-en-, se-, sem-, sen-.A part of the wedding ceremony.syndangan* 1cfbatul 12nBoundary, boundary marker.blóng te tum henteg le smintu.The boundary between us is that stake of cement.3prepIn between, amongst.Okóm ke gel kmulón bè blóngen, nan na gel hangat yem bud hendlà kkinien.But if it rains in between (the slashing of the field and the burning of it), first he must wait for the sun's extreme heat again.Là dengen deng knukum Datù, sana mom mlef lem blóng le.Before Chief could settle his case, he had already died in their midst.4adjOccasional; once in a while; 1fromdangan*

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