ngàvarmngà1nOffspring, child, young; interest on a loan.Hyu ke wen se nwit le bè ngà le tagak bè gunù.It's good if there's some (food) they can bring to their children left at the house.vTo produce offspring; to lay eggs, of, he-, ke-, me-.Deng mengà onuku.My hen has already laid yem dou sala onuk.She's laying eggs in my chicken's little something, as a gift, surprise.Nam ne hnénég kun wen ngà nwitu béléem.Come and look here; there's a little something I brought you.Wen tô ngà tulónu kóm.There's a little something I'll tell to you.adjDiminutive.Wen ngà msó nwitu ebéléem.I'm bringing you a little rice.

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