lebùvarhebùv/advTo create, originate; devise, invent; to start.g-, h-.Tódô tensoben yem nù lem kum hendem, là du du yem kum senkuli, tódô hebù lemangat kól ditu bè gónóen.She presumed what was in our mind; it wasn't her we were laughing at; she just started to scream as soon as she got to her house.k-, -m-.Béi tódô gel lembù udel kdumum yake wen gungolem gu lem kun lembak.You don't just create words of another, it's good if you hear it from his mouth.-n-.Wen se benli le bè Newen, wen se tódô kul lenbù nmò.Some (of the knives) they buy from the Muslims, some they just invent themselves.s-.synhulu 2

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