hakangTagalog gatas-gatas1nEuphorbia hirta.Australian asthma weed, a creeping herb. Also known as cat's hair or snake weed.cfbnes tugéng 1Appendix 17-02 Grasses2nTattoo.Tey lemtom hakangen tau tu.That person's tattoo is very clear and pretty.syntugéng 13nStake where carabao is tied.Nélékem yem mtétél ke moi hakang klembew.Choose what is strong when you make a stake for the carabao.4vTo hit something dead center, as a target, direct to the point.Sok gnóm ye sidek yem udél bê ye kento hakang eta yem tau.If you feel that the words are bad/hurting, don't be direct to the point with the person.Ke gemtii iwas hol hakangem bè kfuhen.If you shoot a monkey (with bow and arrow) really hit his chest.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.

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